Health & Wellness

Supported by a significant amount of research, Storefront Academy believes strongly that healthy students are more prepared to learn. Built upon this belief is our robust health and wellness program, focused on teaching our students the benefit of a healthy lifestyle and encouraging them to eat well and exercise their bodies as well as their minds.

Our health and wellness program equips our students with skills that they will use every day, and that will help them to live longer and healthier lives.


Every Storefront Academy student participates in physical education class at least once a week. Our physical education program is based on national standards, with a special emphasis placed on teamwork and Storefront Academy’s core values.

Structured Recess

Students all participate in structured recess daily, keeping them healthy and active while teaching lessons in cooperation and conflict resolution.

Daily Meals

All Storefront Academy students are served two balanced, wholesome meals every day. Prepared by our school chef, each meal meets nutritional standards, with lean proteins, whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Lunch is always served with salad, and beverage options are milk or water.

Health Education

Middle school students benefit from a partnership with Community Impact at Columbia University, providing health awareness and meeting weekly to create a dynamic and interactive curriculum, covering preventative health, nutrition, drugs, careers in health professions and other relevant topics.

Partnership with Slow Food NY

A partnership with Slow Food NYC and Harvest Time in Harlem provides local produce for student lunches once a week during the growing season, and students participate in healthy cooking classes throughout the year.

Edible Garden

Behind the school’s original building in Harlem is an edible garden, where students learn about sustainable gardening. Herbs and vegetables grown in the garden are often used as ingredients in school meals.

Sports Teams

Storefront Academy faculty members coach sports teams throughout the year for middle school students, including girls basketball, boys basketball, and co-ed soccer. Players learn game rules, equipment, strategies and techniques, and learn the importance of teamwork. Teams play at Asphalt Green against teams from other neighborhood schools.

Field Day

Morgan Stanley volunteers assist with this annual event, where students take part in relay races, team sports, and even an annual student/faculty softball tournament!