Why should a parent choose to send their child to a Storefront Academy school?
Storefront Academy educates the whole child, giving students the tools they need to succeed in school and in life. Our longevity has allowed us to perfect our approach to urban education, focusing not just on academic rigor, but equally on social emotional supports. We are proud of our “joyful” educational environment and the fact that our teachers are able to meet our students where they are and target instruction based on student needs instead of based on state tests. Our classes boast an ideal student/teacher ratio, and we think beyond 8th grade, working closely with students and families to find the best fit high school for every graduate.
How do Storefront Academy’s results compare to other charter schools in the community?
Our students consistently outperform the norm for New York State and New York City schools on standardized tests. Graduates from Storefront Academy Harlem historically go on to attend selective private, parochial and public schools. Since 2001, 95% of Storefront Academy Harlem graduates have received their high school diploma, far greater than the City-wide average of 64%.
Is Storefront Academy Harlem a charter school?
Storefront Academy Harlem was founded long before the term “charter school” existed, and is a tuition-free private school that receives almost all funding from private sources. However, Storefront Academy Harlem is very similar to charter schools in that admission is lottery-based, families do not pay tuition for their children to attend, and we are data-driven and focused on producing well-rounded students who will succeed in high school and beyond.  Though Storefront Academy South Bronx is a charter school, Storefront Academy Harlem remains a tuition-free private school, acting as a thought and management partner for the campus in the South Bronx.
Where do Storefront Academy’s graduates go to high school?
100% of Storefront Academy Harlem’s 8th grade graduates go on to attend high-performing private, parochial or selective public high schools. Click here to see a list. Storefront Academy South Bronx is a relatively new school, and has not graduated any students yet.
Why did Storefront Academy choose to open its second school as a charter school?
Storefront Academy Harlem was opened before charter schools existed, but like a charter school, provides a quality education, serves a diverse population, admits students by lottery, and does not charge tuition. However, as a private school, almost all of the funding required to operate Storefront Academy Harlem comes from private sources. When considering replication, opening a public charter school was the clear choice, as Storefront Academy would be able to replicate its model without the challenge of raising private funds to support the school from year to year.
Why did Storefront Academy choose to open its second school in the Bronx?
Storefront Academy was founded to provide a quality education to children who need it most. We are committed to educating underserved children in Harlem, and are expanding into the South Bronx, which still lacks an adequate number of quality schools and strong support systems for children and families.